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Work with a talented team to deliver Webflow projects to Finsweet clients. 

Where you fit in our agency workflow:

  • Agency lead signs an agreement
  • Finsweet sales passes the project to you and a team of developers.
  • You will communicate directly with clients, Webflow developers, and technical developers throughout the project.
  • If there is a problem or concern during the project, you have a responsibility to give your best effort to fix that problem.
  • You have an ongoing responsibility to make sure everyone involved with the project is happy.
  • Every project is different and may require a different workflow. We can't generalize your day-to-day work.

Traits we’re looking for

  • Strong communicator in English. You can write and speak your ideas clearly.
  • Not afraid to give bad news. You are ready to say something uncomfortable.
  • Direct speaking style. You are ready to say what’s on your mind.
  • Organized. You will have a lot of tasks and nobody telling you what to do. You must be ready to organize projects and your work schedule.
  • Active and self-sufficient. You find ways to bring value to the team, even if there are no required tasks.


No previous experience required. Basic knowledge in Webflow is preferred but not required. We're more interested in a good culture fit.


No country or location requirements. Finsweet is full-remote and encourages an international team.

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