How does maintenance work? Do you do retainers?

Everything we do is task/project based. We tell you how long Task X will take and you decide if you want it. You pay for what you want.

No retainers. We used to do them and felt terrible taking money from people that didn’t need any work on their website that month - or next month - or next month. One of our goals is to set you up with a website that doesn’t require our weekly/monthly attention. With our stellar CMS builds and Webflow’s Editor tool, you can do most of the small updates yourself.

We charge hourly at $150 for tasks, updates, and consulting. Anything larger than 10 hours and we will talk about a fixed project cost.

Why $150? Webflow allows us to complete tasks a blazing fast speeds. Most tasks take 30 minutes to 2 hours - traditional website development may complete these same tasks in 2-4 hours.

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