Improve first impression of potential customers and clients

You need to people to be ridiculously impressed when they first load you site

The video pitch

  1. People make their decision with seconds. They’re thinking “I like this company” or “I don’t like this company” within seconds of landing on your website
  2. Negative first impressions are killing your business and lower your sales, signups, conversions, etc.
  3. We want people to think your site is beautiful and SO MUCH nicer than all of the other competitors. 
  4. We want to set you up with a new website to turn a negative first impression to a very position first impression

Video transcript

A lot of people make their decision within seconds of landing on your website. They may not even know it yet, but in the back of the head they’re thinking, “I like this company” or “I don’t like this company”. If your website sucks, more people are going to be thinking, “I don’t like this company” and guess what - that sucks for business.

You don’t want people to have a negative first impression. Imagine someone going to your site and saying, “Uuuff, looks old. How old is this company? Are they modern, is it safe, is it good security? Ehh”. That’s a terrible way for people to hit your site.

We want people to go on your website and say “Wow, this is beautiful. This is so much nicer than all of the other competitors. This moves nice, the motion works, it’s nice to look at. I trust this company. It’s easy to navigate the site. It’s easy to sign up.” That is what we need people to feel when they go on your website. That first impression is so so so important and if you’re not doing it the right way, you’re hurting your business in a big way. Do everything with Finsweet. Let us help you.

I’m Webflow Joe. Send us a message at Finsweet. I’ll pitch the hell out of you.

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