We haven’t launched yet and want to shine when we do

You want to launch your new brand and you need a badass team like Finsweet to help

The video pitch

  1. You’re going to launch soon and you have the big task of making your marketing website and establishing your brand imagine online
  2. You need to give a strong first impression when people experience your brand for the first time
  3. You can make your website yourself and look like every other templated pre-launch out there our you can hire us to make it look F’in sweet
  4. Do what you do best (probably not building a website). Let me do what we do best (building websites)
  5. [.... prepare for takeoff….] LAUNCH!

Video transcript

You’re a prelaunch company. Awesome! Congratulations! I know you’ve been working your ass off and you have 1 million things to do. One of those things is the marketing site. What are you going to do?

What are people going to look at when they first hit your company. You can make it yourself and look like every other templated pre-launch out there. Or 2 - you can hire professionals and make a really kickass awesome first impression. Do what you do best and focus on launching the company and doing your core competency.

Let us do our core competency and hire us to build that awesome first impression. We’re here to launch with you. We’re here to make your shine - and you got to do it with Finsweet.

I’m Webflow Joe. Send us a message at Finsweet. I’ll pitch the hell out of you.

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